The Best Vegan Restaurants in Vienna: Vienna Vegan Guide

Vegan restaurants in Vienna

The days of dull vegan restaurants in Vienna are long gone. If you’re meat-free, dairy-free, or one with nature and prefer to stay plant-based, Vienna has loads of great restaurants for vegan food that are flavour-focused and filled with fun.

Vienna is the city we grew up in and the place we moved back to a few months ago, which is why we’re particularly excited about this vegan guide. After living in London for over five years, we certainly had to learn to fall in love with the Austrian capital again. But with so many of our all-time favourite restaurants now offering bang-tidy vegan options, plus an ever-growing number of ace vegan-only joints, this wasn’t all too difficult. Here are our 14 favourite vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in Vienna – our very own hometown – as well as some recommended to-dos to make your next trip to one of Europe’s most beautiful cities as smooth as possible. And if you’re living in Vienna, we hope this list will help you discover vegan highlights you might not have heard about before.

Our favourite vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in Vienna:

1. Iki

Although this Japanese hotspot is known for its sushi rolls and teriyaki beef burger, it also actively caters for those who choose to avoid animal-based products. “IKI” is a traditional aesthetic ideal in Japan – it’s defined as being refined in dress and manners and also means “being human, knowing how to have a good time”. Oh boy, we had a very good time at IKI! Check out the vegan tofu curry don and don’t miss the sakata roll with vegetable tempura, avocado, miso and teriyaki sauce. 

Location: Am Belvedere 1, 1100 Vienna

2. Swing Kitchen

Swing Kitchen

Don’t leave Vienna without paying Swing Kitchen a visit! Run by Irene and Charly Schillinger, Swing Kitchen not only made it their mission to make plant-based eating more accessible, but to actively look after the environment, too, with non-plastic packaging and fair-trade ingredients. The menu is packed with plant-based possibilities, from cheeseburgers to salads (their feta salad is a must-try!) and wraps, like their Swiss hash brown wrap. Order and pay at the counter, then collect when your number is called.

Locations: Five across Vienna, check them out here

3. Bao Bar

Vegan Restaurants in Vienna - Bao Bar

As the name suggests, vegans can always count on one thing at this super-cute small restaurant in Vienna: incredible baos. The menu is small but always features at least one vegan option. Try the Fancy Tofu with crispy tofu, avocado, daikon and fermented cabbage. Bonus points for the kimchi ketchup! 

Location: Zollergasse 2, 1070 Vienna (second location: Jakov-Lind-Strasse 2, 1020 Vienna)

4. Tian Bistro

Paul Ivić’s and Christian Halper’s bistro in Vienna’s 7th district aims to show consideration towards natural cycles and to guarantee a supply of organic and sustainably produced food. Hence, the restaurant only offers a small, seasonal menu and counts on solid partnerships with suppliers from the immediate surroundings that have grown to become close friends over the years. All dishes are vegetarian, most of them fully plant-based. Come here for breakfast on the weekend, where they serve their Sharing Breakfast. Simply pick your main and side, everything else will be served to the center of your table.

Location: Schrankgasse 4, 1070 Vienna

5. Cafe Frida

Vegan Restaurants in Vienna - Cafe Frida

This small but adorable restaurant is situated right on Yppenplatz and next to Brunnenmarkt, which – with more than 170 market stalls between Thaliastrasse and Ottakringer Strasse – is Vienna’s largest street market. More than half of Cafe Frida’s menu is veggie or vegan. Pick from the likes of vegan French toast with fresh fruits or vegan burrito with spinach chickpea ragout, quinoa, chilli mango and black beans.

Location: Payergasse 12, 1160 Vienna

6. Hollerei

This wood-panelled, all-vegetarian bistro offers a storming range of vegan dishes.
From oriental chickpea bowls to local pumpkin gulasch, you’ll find some of Vienna’s best vegan gourmet food. Come here on weekdays to get the two-course lunch menu for €10.90.

Location: Hollergasse 9, 1150 Vienna

7. Oio Poke

Vegan Restaurants in Vienna - Oio Poke

If you’re into interior design, tropical vibes and exotic, colourful bowls, Oio Poke is the place to go. Definitely one of Vienna’s most instagrammable spots, Oio Poke serves, as the name suggests, Hawaiis’ national dish: poke bowls. The menu is small, but features a delicious vegan bowl made with sushi rice, organic tofu, spicy ginger, mango, edamame, wasabi aioli and coconut chips. You can also create your own bowl. 

Location: Siebensterngasse 60, 1070 Vienna

8. Klyo

Klyo scores above all with its location. Almost every table in this tastefully hip and yet cozy restaurant allows you to enjoy your meal with an incredible view of the Danube Canal. Klyo is serving up pasta, burgers and salads and is particularly known for its breakfast offering, which is served from 9 am till 10 pm and includes plenty of vegan options. Try their vegan scrambled egg or treat yourself to their protein pancakes.

Location: Uraniastraße 1, 1010 Vienna

9. Landia

Landia one of the best vegan restaurants in Vienna

If you’re looking for traditional Austrian food with a vegan twist, Landia is a must-visit. Situated in Neubau, Vienna’s 7th district, Landia vegan menu is just to die for! There are vegan schnitzel, potato salad, dumplings, gulasch and all manner of Austrian craving-satisfiers. If you try one thing, go for their vegan seitan schnitzel with parsley potatoes and vegan tartar sauce. The menu changes seasonally and we’re hooked on the friendly vibe too.

Location: Ahornergasse 4, 1070 Vienna

10. Veggiezz

Downright delicious vegan food awaits at Veggiezz, which gives vegan food quite the attitude. Top choices here are the smoky burger with lollo rosso salad, balsamic onions, sautéed mushrooms, vegan cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce, and the gyros bowl with seitan gyros and Veggiezz tzatziki. Don’t leave without trying one of their desserts though – the avocado chocolate mousse is a must-try!

Location: Salzgries 9, 1010 Vienna and Opernring 6, 1010 Vienna

11. Xin Chao

Trust us when we say you haven’t lived until you’ve tried Xin Chao’s tofu bowl with crispy fried tofu and the most delicious peanut sauce. This tiny Vietnamese restaurant in the 6th district seriously takes vegan food to the next level. If you’re into meat flavour (without the meat obviously) try the vegan crispy seitan bowl – it tastes just like the real thing.

Location: Gumpendorfer Straße 127, 1060 Vienna

12. Feuerwehr Wagner

Vegan Austrian Food in Vienna

The real Viennese “Heurigen” or wine taverns are as famous as the Giant Ferris Wheel, Schönbrunn Palace, the Vienna Boys Choir or the Lipizzaner. Traditionally, food is sold by the decagram (dag) in portions of 10 dag (100g) with a selection of warm and cold foods, such as roast pork, blood sausage, meat loaf and a range of cured meats, lard and breads. Feuerwehr Wagner is the only “Heurige” in Vienna offering an extensive, incredibly delicious vegan menu. Think vegan schnitzel, Spinattascherl, Gemüselaibchen, traditional chocolate cake and more.

Location: Grinzinger Straße 53, 1190 Vienna

13. Doener Meister

Any carnivores still unsure on this whole vegan thing should drop everything and head here. Honestly, the vegan seitan and jackfruit kebab with mango chutney is so good that you don’t miss the meat at all, and their vegan sausage menu is seriously impressive too. The ambiente might not be the nicest, but in return prices are low.

Location: Neubaugürtel 38, 1070 Vienna

14. Santos

Vegan Mexican in Vienna

Mexican and vegan-friendly? What’s not to love – and, rest assured, we do love this restaurant with two locations in Vienna. Spicy, smoky, roasted, peppery and tangy – so many different flavours and textures. Try the fajitas veganas or vegan burrito bowl with sweet potatoes, pickled pumpkin, black beans, avocado, peanut salsa and green rice.

Location: Siebensterngasse 14, 1070 Vienna and Favoritenstrasse 4-6/2, 1040 Vienna

Other vegan-friendly spots and things to do:

Get a vegan croissant at Denn’s Biomarkt

Hands down, Denn’s – an organic supermarket chain – makes the very best vegan croissants in Vienna. Get them plain or filled with raspberry jam for the best start to your day.

Location: Several stores across Vienna, find your closest one here

Order take-away at Bio Frische

For a cosy night in, Bio Frische is a must! A wide selection of vegan-friendly curries forms the basis of the menu, while the vegan pakora and samosas make for delicious starters. Quite simply, Bio Frische is one of the best reasons to stay in and snuggle up in bed.


Check out Anker’s fully vegan bakery

Oh, sweet treats again? Believe us, this spot is certainly worth the trip! Anker, one of Austria’s oldest bakery chains founded in 1891, launched a fully vegan branch a few years ago. You can’t go wrong with their nut roll, although their apple strudel will do nicely for those looking for a real Austrian treat. All for take-away. 

Eat ‘Baumkuchen’ at the Christmas markets

If you’re visiting Vienna in the winter months, you can’t give the Christmas markets a miss. From mid-November to Christmas, Vienna’s prettiest squares transform into magical Christmas markets and shiny fairytale lands. And the best thing to eat? Baumkuchen! Almost every market sells a vegan version of this traditional treat. 

(The government is currently working on developing rules for this year’s markets, but wants them to take place)

Treat yourself to vegan ice cream at Veganista

Founded by two sisters a few years ago, Veganista is now well known for their vegan ice cream made of 100% natural ingredients. Go for the classics like hazelnut and raspberry or try one of their wild specials, including their punch cake ice cream.

Location: 7 shops across Vienna, find them here 

Shop at Maran Vegan

Get lost in this fully vegan supermarket, nestled in Stumpergasse, just off Mariahilferstrasse. Vegan sweets, cupboard staples, health and beauty products, a small bistro and much more – the perfect place to shop for a night in.

Location: Stumpergasse 57, 1060 Vienna

Other vegan restaurants in Vienna:

These are the vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants which are still on our hit list but we haven’t visited yet. If you have the chance, stop by and let us know if they live up to the hype!

Superfood Deli
The LaLa
Pizza Oscar
Karma Food
Simply Raw Bakery
Gasthaus zum Wohl

We hope you have the best time in Vienna. Tag us @weareveano if you try any of the above vegan restaurants on our recommendation!

Our favourite restaurants need us! It’s now more important than ever to help small businesses stay afloat. Join us and Metro Österreich in celebrating these businesses and take part in the #oneforyou challenge to support your favourite restaurant, bar or café. More info here:

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