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The Best Vegan Restaurants in Marbella

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Marbella

Best Vegan Restaurants Marbella

Marbella is probably best known for its charming beaches, great nightclubs, and its boats and yachts. But, this southern Spain town can be so much more than that, especially for vegans! LA-like beach vibes, a health-conscious crowd, tremendous love for the outdoors and an international and entrepreneurial mindset. That’s the Marbella we fell in love with last month. To help you do the same and discover the most exciting vegan-friendly spots, we’ve listed our top recommendations for the best vegan restaurants in Marbella below:

Vegan Restaurants in Marbella

1. Rachel’s Eco Love

The best vegan restaurants in Marbella

The setting you’ll find this place in is just incomparable. It’s located in a hotel/apartment complex in Puerto Romano, surrounded by palm trees and, put simply, good vibes! They even have a pool!

Rachel’s Eco Love has a reputation for being one of the most Instagram-friendly spots in Marbella, and we aren’t about to disagree. Definitely try one of their fancy juices and healthy porridge bowls. Their iced coffee is delish too!

Address: Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa, 29602 Marbella
Menu here

2. Manuka Kitchen Plaza del Mar

Manuka Marbella

How could any list of the best vegan restaurants in Marbella be complete without Manuka? This is your spot to watch a beautiful Spanish sunset, while listening to the buzz on the beach promenade, soaking in the fresh sea air and indulging in dishes free from refined sugars, additives and chemicals. 

Manuka’s flexitarian menu features plenty of vegan options – the Manuka salad with ​​wholesome greens, cherry tomatoes, red onion, plant-based feta, dates and avocado is a must-try.

Address: CC Plaza del Mar, C. Camilo José Cela, Local 9, 29602 Marbella
Menu here

3. Celicioso 

Like Rachel’s Eco Love, Celicioso is situated in the beautiful Puerto Romano resort. This place is 100% gluten-free and offers plenty of vegan options too. 

Gluten-free might not sound right for everyone, but we recommend you give it a try – you won’t be missing out on flavour! Pick from the likes of vegan poke bowls, vegan burgers or sandwiches. The vegan cakes and cupcakes are pretty darn good too.

Address: von Hohenlohe s/n, Av. Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, 29602 Marbella
Menu here

4. Hustle N’ Flow

Hustle Marbella - The best vegan restaurants in Marbella

Definitely one of the hippest, most lively places we’ve been to in Marbella. It’s also one of these places where you walk through the doors and instantly feel at home. In recent months, Hustle N’ Flow has opened up two new locations – one on Golden Mile, one in Benahavis. So there’s literally no excuse not to pay these guys a visit!

Try the Blue-Eyed Girl Bowl with organic coconut pulp, banana, spirulina, dates, vanilla and coconut or go for one of the savoury options, like their Beyond Meat burger with caramelised onion, tomato salsa, avocado, rainbow slaw and sprouts.

San Pedro address: Calle Andalucía, C. Lagasca, Esquina, 29670 San Pedro Alcántara
Menu here

5. Super Be Juicery 

Best vegan restaurants Marbella

Cold-pressed juices, nourishing smoothie bowls and more. This fully vegan restaurant in Marbella offers everything you need for a lovely brunch in the sunshine! 

Above all Super Be Juicery is known for its homemade cold-pressed juices – but let me tell you, the food is at least as exciting! Be sure to try the Chocolate Salted Caramel Bowl with organic coconut pulp, banana, peanut butter, raw cacao powder, dates, Himalayan salt and coconut milk. Bonus points for the vegan croissants!

Address: Av. Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, 10, 29602 Marbella
Menu here

6. Boho Club

boho club marbella

Everything about Boho Club is top-notch. Seriously, this place is excellent. The restaurant features Boho-chic style furniture and colourful fabrics, while the menu covers fine and creative dishes, all of which come served with a hearty smile.

Definitely go for the 3-course plant-based lunch menu, which gives you the opportunity to try the best options in one go. The ‘fake’ vegetable risotto with seasonal vegetables, green pesto and coconut was absolutely divine and the almond and spiced apple crumble is an excellent choice to finish things off.

Address: Urb. Lomas de Río Verde, 144, 29602 Marbella
Menu here

7. Organic Market & Food Marbella

best vegan restaurants marbella

Hands down one of the best vegan-friendly restaurants in Marbella! Organic Market is a tremendously popular place, a testament to the powerful combination of personality and divine food. If you only try one thing, go for the vegan truffle quesadillas with artichokes, shiitake, melted vegan cheese, guacamole and cherry tomatoes. The vegan quinoa croissant is a must-takeaway too.

Address: Centro Comercial Expo 14, Av. Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, s/n, 29602 Marbella
Menu here

8. Breathe

This building combines several creative concepts in one location. Downstairs you’ll find Ground, which was our go-to coffee spot to get some work done for a few hours. Breathe is the restaurant situated on the first floor and Air the cocktail bar on the roof. Clever concept, isn’t it?

While Ground doesn’t provide many vegan options, besides great coffee with plant milk options and a selection of juices, Breathe offers a few delicious vegan food options. Definitely try the roasted miso aubergine (a classic) and the Panang curry with coconut rice.

Address: Nueva Andalucía, C. los Lirios, 29660 Marbella
Menu here

Other vegan-friendly restaurants in Marbella:

Pizzeria Il Metro – For nights where you crave nothing more than pizza on the couch and a good movie on Netflix, Pizzeria Il Metro is the right address. This place isn’t fancy enough for vegan cheese options, but it makes absolutely fantastic 1-meter long pizza. Simply order without cheese to veganise.

Fresca Passione – We’ve visited this tiny ice cream place at least a dozen times. Vegan peanut butter ice cream, pistachio and the best fruit flavours. Do we need to say more? Hands down the best ice cream we’ve had in the whole of Spain.

Baboon – the vegan-friendly menu here covers plenty of traditional ground but isn’t afraid to shine modern lights on the classics. Interior wise, one of our favourite restaurants!

baboon marbella

Green Village Organic Market – If you’re looking for a shop with a great selection of vegan-friendly products, make sure to pay Green Village Organic Market a visit. Open from 10 am to 9 pm Monday-Saturday, they sell vegan cheese and meat alternatives as well as baking and cupboard staples.

Casa Doña Jerónima – Situated in one of the cutest town squares in Estepona, this place is the perfect dinner spot. The veggie paella can be veganised and is absolutely delicious!

Wild Estepona – Boohoo vibes, light but flavour-packed dishes and a stunning outdoor area. Not fully vegan but definitely one of the best vegan-friendly restaurants in Marbella

Best to-dos around Marbella

1. Sevilla

Sevilla vegan

If you decide to get a rental car and explore the area, please please please visit Sevilla, Andalusia’s capital. The 2 ½ hour drive might seem daunting, but every minute spent in the car is absolutely worth it. Moorish architecture, tapas and flamenco vibes – Sevilla is the beating heart of Spain. And its vegan food scene is more than welcoming! To make things easy, we’ve listed the best vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in Sevilla below.

Best vegan-friendly restaurants in Sevilla

Nickel Burger – not a huge selection, but the Beyond burger was fantastic.

Sushi Republic – small and trendy place; top choices here are the vegan poke bowl and veggie noodles 

Soho Boutique Catedral Hotel – we stayed here during our visit and couldn’t recommend this place more! Extremely friendly staff, beautiful decor, a vegan-friendly restaurant, stunning rooms and the most beautiful rooftop in Sevilla. If you’re ending up staying somewhere else, visit the rooftop for a sundowner.

Soho Boutique Catedral Hotel

Tapas – we’ll admit it’s not the easiest task to find vegan tapas in Spain, but Bar Baratillo and Cafe Blanca de Los Rios both had a few accidentally vegan options in a real Spanish atmosphere  

Al Lado – come here for the paella which can be veganised and try to get a table outside to soak in the super vibey atmosphere in one of the busiest streets of Sevilla

Amorino – vegan-friendly Ice cream flavours, served in the shape of a flower. Very pretty!

Jester – a small and lively spot with outdoor seating only. Nutritious smoothie bowls, juices and more; everything we had here was absolutely delicious. Great value for money too.

Jester Sevilla

Milk Away – perfect for a quick and very affordable lunch/brunch. Also very gluten-free friendly

La Vegana – we stopped here to get some road snacks on our way back to Marbella. Great cakes and sweet treats but nothing special

A place specialising in vegan tapas, which we haven’t managed to visit, was Veganitessen. If you get to pay them a visit, we’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below. 

2. Málaga

If you’re travelling by air to get to Marbella, you will most likely fly to Malaga airport. We definitely recommend spending at least a few hours after your arrival in this beautiful Andalusian city. A lively atmosphere, historical monuments and plenty of vegan food options. Our favourite vegan-friendly restaurants in Malaga are listed below.

Best vegan-friendly restaurants in Málaga

Recyclo Bike Cafe – this restaurant focuses on tapas (well, we’re in Spain!) and bikes; interesting combo! If you don’t have a bike, just come for the marvellous selection of vegan-friendly tapas.

recyclo malaga

Astrid Organic Taperia – homemade seitan seems to be the star of the show here! There’re many plant-based options featuring seitan, vegan-friendly tapas and vegan desserts too

Bun and Coffee – the name pretty much says it all: doughnuts and coffee! The best vegan doughnuts you’ll find in Andalusía if you ask us.

buns and coffee malaga

Brunchit – a very lively and popular spot with vegan brunch options. Big plates, but nothing that will knock you off your feet

Mimo Vegan Bistro – unfortunately, this place was fully booked when we wanted to go. Mimo has been recommended to us several times, so if you manage to plan ahead and book a table in advance, let us know about your experience in the comments below.

We hope you enjoy these vegan restaurants in Marbella, Sevilla and Málaga and have the best time in Andalusía! Tag us @weareveano if you try any of the above spots on our recommendation!

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