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The 10 Most Vegan-Friendly Cities in the UK

The 10 Most Vegan-Friendly Cities in the UK

Vegan Friendly Cities UK

With lockdown and travel restrictions across the UK set to be lifted and summer just around the corner, we want to take a look at the UK’s most vegan-friendly cities and get you excited about your next staycation.

The UK has been in lockdown for over 8 weeks now, with warnings against all non-essential travel abroad issued on the 17th of March. And let’s be honest, the key aspects of travel as we know it will certainly change in the future. However, countries worldwide are now starting to ease their restrictions and airlines are putting plans in place to resume flights for the UK.

A vegan-friendly city break

Looking at current news updates and predictions, your first post-lockdown trip will most likely take you to a place in the UK. And believe us, a British break can certainly have its advantages, especially when following a vegan diet. Vegan-friendly bed and breakfasts and countless vegan restaurants ranging from fine dining destinations with exciting plant-based menus to fully vegan cafes – doesn’t that sound promising? We wanted to share a little bit of positivity and get you excited about the 10 most vegan-friendly cities in the UK.

1. Brighton

This lovely seaside spot hosts some of the very best vegan restaurants. It is even often described as the mecca for vegans all over the UK. Expect vegan fish and chips, the UK’s first vegan Italian restaurant and some of the best vegan Indian spots.

Restaurant tips:

Happy Maki
Terre a Terre
Planet India

Vegan-friendly stays:

The Blanch House
Brighton Vegetarian Bed & Breakfast

2. London

Vegan-friendly cities UK, London

London’s well-deserved and long-standing reputation as vegan heaven continues with nearly every eatery offering plant-based options. From fancy fine dining to filthy street food this city simply doesn’t disappoint when it comes to vegan food. In addition, a number of vegan-friendly hotels and bed and breakfast opened their doors recently, such as La Suite West by Hyde Park. And when you’re not busy stuffing your mouth with vegan doughnuts or meat-free kebabs, hop on a vegan afternoon tea bus tour or try one of many vegan cooking classes.  

Restaurant tips:


Vegan-friendly stays:

La Suite West
Vegan Suite at Hilton London Bankside
Vegan-friendly B&B at the Temple Lodge

3. Leeds

Leeds has become a massively vegan-friendly city in recent years, and it’s now one of the most popular vegan cities in the UK. With over 40 vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants, you’re in for a treat. 

Restaurant tips:

Temple Coffee and Donuts

4. Manchester

Manchester is certainly one of the top players in the vegan world. Even meat-eaters will be aware of the rising number of vegan dishes available at their favourite restaurant. But Manchester also isn’t running short of all-vegan cafes, bakeries and restaurants, with new sites popping up every month.

Restaurant tips:

V Revolution
The Allotment Vegan Restaurant
The Deaf Institute

5. Glasgow

Glasgow’s a competitive city when it comes to vegan food. Whether you’re looking for full vegan junk food with fry-ups, kebabs and burgers or exclusive plant-based tasting menus, Glasgow is certainly at the forefront of the vegan revolution. 

Restaurant tips:

The Hanoi Bike Shop
The 78

Vegan-friendly stays:

The Argyll Hotel

6. Bristol

Vegan-friendly cities UK, Bristol

Bristol certainly has one of the strongest vegan communities and most diverse offerings. From Vietnamese to American, Meditarian to Italian, you are seriously spoilt for choice here.

Restaurant tips:

The Spotless Leopard
Cafe Kino
Oowee Vegan

Vegan-friendly stays:

Bristol Harbour Hotel & Spa
Glanville Guest House

7. Cardiff

From quirky cafes to vegan-friendly bakeries to healthy, seasonal and locally inspired vegan meals, Cardiff is continuing to maintain its place as one of the UK’s most vegan-friendly cities. And plant-based eating continues to rise in the Welsh capital, with deliciously diverse sites popping up left right and centre. 

Restaurant tips:

The Lazy Leek
Anna Loka Cafe
Greens Vegan

8. Liverpool

Liverpool has a great selection of vegan and veggie dining options and it’s an ever-evolving scene. From Indian to American, Meditarian to Italian, you will be plesently surprised!

Restaurant tips:

Down the Hatch
Veggie Republic

Vegan-friendly stays:

Blundell Bed & Breakfast

9. Norwich

Norwich has embraced the plant-based way of life, like no other city. In 2019, a study identified Norwich as the most vegan-friendly city in the UK. From authentic Indian cuisine to organic and locally sourced food and American-style diners, Norwich is worth a visit.

Restaurant tips:

The Tipsy Vegan
River Green Cafe
Wild Thyme

Vegan-friendly stays:

Homestay Norwich

10. Newcastle

The days of dull plant-based dining in Newcastle are long gone. Newcastle visitors are in luck, with everything from vegan Mediterranean sharing platters to filthy vegan burgers keeping their palates entertained.

Restaurant tips:

Super Natural Cafe
Junk it up

Many restaurants are struggling during the current crisis. Check out our cookbook to find out what you can do to support them.

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