Your chefs vegan recipes to cook at home

Support your favourite plant based restaurants while they’re closed


✓ 100% of the profits go directly to the featured restaurants

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Your chefs’ vegan recipes is packed with over 35 delicious plant based recipes with simple step by step instructions, created by your favourite chefs. From simple breakfast ideas to hearty curries and delicious classics from around the world, these recipes will bring joy to your kitchen table.

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The current situation is seriously challenging. The last few months have been an emotional as well as a financial rollercoaster for many small businesses in the UK and around the world. In times like this, we strongly believe in supporting the community and each other where we can.

Together with over 20 restaurants, we’ve spent day and night putting together this cookbook to create an additional revenue stream for the ones struggling during this crisis. And at the same time, we want to offer you a fun way to cook your favourite restaurant dishes at home. We were overwhelmed by the positive responses we have received from participating restaurants and never thought the book would grow to the size it has. We’re also glad to see that this book has become a way for businesses to share their journey, their mission and origin.

To us, these recipes are so much more than cooking instructions. They are pieces of incredibly exciting personal journeys, experiences and dreams. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with them too.


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